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Digital PR

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is an online marketing strategy used by businesses to increase their online presence and has never been more important for your brand.

With over 1.5 billion websites on the world wide web, brands use digital PR as a tactic of staying ahead and standing out. Expertise, authority and trust are key for a website to rank, and digital PR is a strategy which is used by experts in digital marketing to influence this.

By building relationships with key journalists and influencers, achieving brand mentions online and backlinks to your site this will help boost your online presence in order for you to dominate in a competitive space.

Digital PR is now used as one of the key SEO and link building tactics to help brands rank organically online for their keywords. It’s used as a way to position a brand as an expert with authority in their market and has measurable, tangible results which traditional PR struggles to offer.


Benefits Of Digital PR?

Generates relevant links from credible sources and sites

When respected sites reference you as a source, people come to see you as a credible source of valuable information – and so does Google.

Generates social shares

Good stories prompt people to share on social media. This boosts the online profile of your brand, prompting even more traffic to flow your way.

Provides a tangible way to measure success

Digital marketing allows you to track almost every aspect of interaction success. This can help you identify what works, helping you craft better campaigns in the future. Tools like Google Analytics help you keep track of how your campaign is performing.

Increases traffic

As other sources with their high domain authority and huge audiences link back to your content, you’ll receive a greater number of visitors to your site.

Improves search ranking score

We know that Google penalizes sites that gain backlinks in shady ways and rewards those that gain them naturally. While it is the prerogative of our search overlord to change its rules and algorithms at any time, one thing you can count on is that it will always favour sites that it recognises as publishers of valuable, quality information.

Influences purchases

This isn’t the aim of a digital PR campaign, but it can be a welcome side-effect. Some content naturally conveys key messages and USPs to potential customers – just make sure it isn’t the focus. Journalists won’t touch anything salesy with a bargepole.

Is a cost-effective strategy

A campaign doesn’t have to cost the earth to be a success. Get it right and the thing will pay for itself in web traffic and conversions.

Creates links that are earned – not paid

Helping Google, audiences and potential customers identify your brand as an industry player and thought leader, rather than a newbie or amateur willing to pay for eyeballs. This in turn …

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