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Web Designers In Cheshire

Web Design Strategy

It’s important to layout your brand idenity before creating your website to truly get the subconscous message across to your visitors. In order to combine all these elements together and achieve successful results you must have a clear direction, a direction that will guide each and every aspect of your design towards common goals.

Remember that a website isn’t a piece of art; it’s an interface that serves a function. That function may be to sell products, to deliver informational content, to entertain, to inform or to provide access to a service. Whatever that function is, your design must focus on fulfilling it. Goals are also important, especially if you’re doing a redesign.


Set Up for Success

Brand Marketing in Cheshire empowers you to bring your ideas to life. When designing your website, our experts act as your customers, and start thinking like them. Once we have understood who the users of your website are going to be, we then start to forge easy-to-follow paths for them through your website. We spoon-feed your customers with key information about you as we go while expressing your companies why, until we end up at a compelling conversion action. 

Our team custom designs and develops everything in house, unique to you and based around your business goals. We explain everything in plain english (or tech speak if you really want) so you get a full understanding from start to finish.

We make it stress free, with a range of complete web design packages including starter web sites and advanced business websites. Or if you require that next level, we provide complete bespoke development and project management. If you already have a website we can also step in and give it a makeover or complete refresh to bring you up to date with with a mobile responsive and future proof web design solution.

Brand Marketing are unique in that we take into consideration the importance of Search Engine Optimisation from the very beginning ensuring your website is going to be found on Google and other search engines. Our web design office is based in Cheshire. This places us in an ideal central location for working with clients from surrounding areas and nation-wide.

Web Design

We’re passionate about delivering tangible results

Our individual expertise, coupled with our ability, as a team, to create digital solutions to genuine business problems, allows us to deliver more customers to your business.

Chat With A Designer

Benefits of using Brand Marketing in Cheshire

Image isn't everything when it comes to websites, you need to build a platform that your customers can understand and resonate with. You need a partner that showcases your quality while adding your company ethos all built into one. Visitors now want to understand all sides of businesses from employees, company ethos, products, services, image and future goals. We make sure we add all the elements seamlessly. Other benefits of using Brand;

Help you grow your brand’s identity and keep it consistent and strong

High-quality, sterling, consistent web design helps to strengthen your brand’s identity and keep it strong. Even the smallest of changes can make a positive difference to how your website is perceived, enabling your brand to remain coherent and easy to distinguish from the competition.

Keep visitors on your page for longer

In our information-heavy era, it can be a challenge to keep people on your website for more than 30 seconds. But with an exquisitely crafted, appealing web design, your visitors will be more likely to browse your website for longer.

More customers

The longer a visitor stays on your website, the more they learn about your company and your brand. With a professional web design, everything from the images used to the words selected will determine how many more people decide to make a purchase from your site.

A polished appearance

Factors such as font choice, text colour and contrast are the little details that make a huge difference to the overall quality of your website. Though some people may dismiss these kind of nuances as irrelevant and minor, they are actually very important and strongly affect the readability, functionality and usability of your website.


When you partner with Brand Digital you have a partnership for life. A completed web design is not a completed project – this is a relationship that you can work with for the foreseeable future to make any changes and additions to your site.

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